The Right Path isn’t The Easiest in Life Always

When I woke up, I found myself in the middle of a road that leads to two paths. One was so dirty and the other one seemed too good. The first one was not only dirty but it was also difficult to cross. So, I decided to go on the second path. While I was walking on the path, many said, “You are beautiful.” So, I took photos of my face and posted them on social media. I liked my face than myself.

Then I further walked along the path, there many said, “Your voice is too sweet.” Then I began to take good care of my voice and face. With my voice, I tried to sing while walking along the path. As I went further, many became friends and I gave them more space in my life. Along with them, I teased others and began to underestimate other people by their looks. It was really enjoyable.

I further walked on the path and found a “Mirror”, it reflected me and showed how I have changed in due course of time. I stared at the mirror, and then I realized that I was too obsessed with my god-given face and voice. Due to this, I didn’t invest anything useful in my mind and gave many spaces to other people in my life but now, I did not have a space for myself now.  Along with my friends, I have done many things which gave me only instant happiness but not prolonged happiness.

As soon as I knew I was on the wrong path, I turned back and tried to get out of this path. But, it became really tough. The path became so rough and narrow so that it was hard to walk back. But I decided to go back and no matter what happens I will come out of this path and choose the first path. The first path will lead me to my dream, even though it’s dirty and difficult to cross, it is worth it.

I found my mirror, Did you find yours? If found, choose the right path.