Responsibility is Never a Burden

   Rekha was running and running. It was in the middle of the desert. It was as hot as the sun that even her bare feet became like firewood. But she didn’t care about that. While she was running, her sweat flowed from her cheeks to the jaw. She didn’t know how she came there and she had no time to think about that. The only thought on her mind was to survive. A sudden change, the dessert changed into the forest. Forest was as cold as Antarctica. Despite the change, she was running.

   Her bare feet were full of thorns. While running, she scratches her left hand on one of the branches of the tree and so her hand starts bleeding. She holds her left hand with her right hand and runs without stopping. Suddenly she felt that someone was chasing her. She sensed someone’s breathing on her back, even her hair got pliable and fell on her shoulder. She had a responsibility to take care of her father and sister. So, she had to survive. She was running without turning back. The forest changed into mountains. Her stamina became low. She was at the peak of the mountain. She had no choice. If she fails to survive, she fails in her responsibility too.

   So, she had to survive. She turned back to see who was chasing her. When she saw, instead of fear, she was in shock. Her heart was throbbing. To her surprise, it was her replica. She took a step back. When she was about to fall, she pulled the hand of her replica.

   One second, everything went black, her heart skipped a beat. When she woke up frightened, she found herself in her bed. It was just a dream. A dream which reflected the reality of her responsibility.

Responsibility is not a burden, it makes you run and find your way