Never Ever Give Up On Yourself

I found my surroundings were dark and dirty, my breath returned to me and I felt like I was in a congested place. Then slowly opened my eyes to see where I was. To my shock, I was in a casket, buried alive. I recalled my memory to know how I ended up here and remembered that Sam, who was my competitor made me like this. I strived to get out, but I couldn’t. While I was struggling, something hit my leg. It was a toy torch and gave me a dim glow. Something is better than nothing, I thought.

I had a few hours left for me to survive. In life, I struggled to start a company. Not only has it gone bankrupt but my partner also withdrew all the investments. I was broke. Now, my competitor avenged me by burying me alive. My work life was so messy. My personal life became nothing. No love, no friends, no emotion and no one to rely on. Nothing in my life, I could also say “No Thing” in my life. Why should I live, let me be buried, I thought.

The toy torch was the only thing I got in my life. I remember, when I was a child, I couldn’t afford it. But, I didn’t ask my mom. Every child had that toy. Instead of asking my mom, I planned to buy it myself, but I didn’t know-how. My mom gave me five rupees and said, “Make this five rupees into ten rupees and buy that toy torch.” That was the day I learnt the business and wanted to do real business in future. And before I could realize anything in life I ended up in the casket.

Suddenly I heard a voice, “Remember; don’t give up on yourself my boy” my mom was not there but her words were… That single torch gave me a light of hope to live. I split up the torch and took the aluminium plate which was sharp. With that, I slowly rubbed the end of the casket. I didn’t give up on myself. I broke the casket and retrieved myself.

Now, I will get the business back to the top. I will clear the messy work life. I will fill up my personal life. I won’t give up on myself.

Don’t give upon yourself, even when you are in the edge of your life.