Never Let Your Guilt Steal Your Life

It was a blackout night. Steve was frightened to sleep. His legs trepidated. Even his hands and feet became cold. His anxiety grew stronger. Many past scenes popped up in his mind. Also, he felt like someone was hammering on his head. Then he squat on the corner of his room and held his head with his two hands. It was the feeling of guilt.

Whenever he met someone, they would suspect him. And will be always staying over-cautious. So he felt like he was surrounded by pure souls and he was the only evil. He escaped from the law of the government. But he did not escape from the law of his heart. His wrongdoing made him suffer himself. He was brave enough to commit the crime. But, he wasn’t brave enough to face the harsh reality after committing the crime. After three days, he cannot hold himself anymore. He didn’t want to feel anything anymore and committed the second crime by suicide.

Be brave to accept your bungle and try changing it. Don’t end up as Steve.