Be a Leader Than Being a Boss

I ran a company with 30 to 50 employees. My rules and regulations were always austere. I will always deduct the salary as a punishment. Even though I gave the right to speak up their opinion, my employees never objected to me, I always find it weird. I thought my decision was always right. Not many days ago, an employee named Hari deceived me and gave the business secrets to the competitor company.

He was once a trusted person to me and I know he was a good hard worker. But, I never told him or appreciated him. After I solved this issue, I wondered why this trustable person turned into a betrayer. Then I began to investigate this and found out he was stressed because of work. He always does a good job but I pointed out his flaws only and not his good work. He stressed by thinking about his flaws and that made him do that. Then I came to know I was responsible for this. When I crossed the canteen in the company, I heard employees gossiping about me and the ideas I have given.

After I heard their gossips, I was shocked to hear the words from my employees who didn’t utter a word when asked for suggestions. But, why didn’t they say to me directly and talk behind my back? After two days of thinking, I came to know that I was never an amicable leader but an annoying boss. I was ashamed of myself. I never put myself in their shoes to understand their situation and working ethics. Then I understood that Hari betrayed me because of my annoying behaviour. Then I changed myself to be a leader than an annoying Boss. After that, my company went well.

Be a leader, not a boss. If you want to understand someone, put yourself in their shoes and face their situation. Maybe, you will get to know what they are going through.